Geetha Waters

GEETHA WATERS (‘Road to Rishi Konda’ & ‘Waking the Mind’ – Memoirs)



Geetha Waters, a recent arrival to the Sunshine Coast, lives in Flaxton. Geetha is interested in promoting the life-long benefits of the process of dialogue in creating a disposition for learning rather than ‘knowing’. Geetha has helped to start discourse and inquiry groups, for students and adults, in India and Sydney. She is married, with two sons and is currently working on another book. Geetha is also involved in the STEP Educational Society for children in India.

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‘Road to Rishi Konda‘ A memoir about growing up in Kerala in the ’60s and ’70s – that treasured time! Written by a South Indian writer now living in Sydney, Geetha Waters. Her childhood experience was greatly enhanced by attending the Krishnamurti Rishi Valley School and many of her stories deal with questions of education. Geetha is a member of a weekly memoir writers’ group in Sydney and worked on the book for over two years. Thoughtfully written, the stories show South Indian village life, have a romantic thread, a post-colonial sensibility, and are deeply thoughtful and informed by knowledge of childhood education.


Geetha Waters’ engaging selection of short stories, “Waking the Mind”, is a reflection on Jiddu Krishnamurti’s impact on her education based on her experiences at a school he founded in South India. She credits her passion for inquiry as being sparked the first time she heard Krishnamurti speak when she was six. That talk at the Rishi Valley School had the effect of setting her on an intriguing course of inquiry into the mysterious nature of the mind, the vitality of the natural world, and a creative understanding of life.