Peter Maidens

PETER MAIDENS (‘Fake or Fortune’ – Novel)

The information recorded below was taken directly from Peter’s book ‘Fake or Fortune’.


Peter Maidens is an Australian author who was born at Lightening Ridge and spent his childhood on three renowned outback properties that his father managed. He spent twenty years as a country stock and station agent and auctioneer before opening his own business.

In time this lead him to become a leading auctioneer and valuer of fine art as well. On his retirement he travelled to the UK, France, and Italy acquiring and eye for ‘Old Masters’, especially Rembrandt.

While in England he was somewhat fascinated by the formal stuffiness of some English auctioneers. He is of the opinion that a few years amid the dust and flies of Australia’s outback sale yards would be a good finishing school for some of the auctioneers he saw in the UK.

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‘Fake or Fortune’ is a powerful love story. The intriguing fine art thread that runs through the book, right to the end, is the reason that the love story happened in the first place. The story begins out on the black-soil plains of New South Wales and moves from there to many distant places, including the ancient and spectacular island of Sicily. Here Peter Sharp experiences, first hand, the stunning beauty of its coastline and the kindness of its people; as well as the dark side of this little island that began with the Mafia back in the mid 1800s. These two fascinating profiles of Sicily play significant roles in the outcome of the Morgan Collection. Peter Sharp’s assignment was expected to take no more than a week. Nearly ten years later, Sharp is more involved than ever in the art collection and the love of a truly extraordinary woman.

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