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The focus for September is SILENT SPRING

Published in 1962, the book SILENT SPRING, written by Rachel Carson, became a best seller in a number of countries.

Rachel Carson, aware that birds were dying due to DDT poisoning, wrote and published the book titled SILENT SPRING which caused a public outcry about the use of chemical DDT. 

She endured an onslaught from the chemical companies, but DDT was banned worldwide.

Many say that it was thanks to her that the environmental movement was born.

The power of an individual can be immense! You too can empower yourself to protect the environment!

Mapleton Community Library has many books available help you become aware of environmental issues and to help you protect the environment. Some of these books are on display in the IN THE SPOTLIGHT display during the month of September.

Included in the display is an Organic Gardener magazine which features an article on Greta Thunberg, a Swedish teenager who has made news headlines by publicly raising awareness internationally of climate crisis and resulting in the creation of the School Climate Strike Movement!

Happy Reading!

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