New Books, Resources and Reviews

New Books and Resources for 2019

New Books and Resources for 2018

New additions to the Library  for 2018 include books, DVDs, CDs, audio books, large print, many new junior and children’s resources.  Here is a summary of the new resources the Library received during 2018:

Past New Books and Resources

List of past new books and resources received by the Library over the years may be found at the following page: Past New Books.

Past Book Reviews

Book Reviews can be provided to the library by members, and current and past reviews can be seen on the Book Reviews page.

2017 New Resources

By clicking on the links below you will be able to see the new resources obtained for that month.

New additions for Nov_Dec 2017

New additions for October 2017

New additions for August 2017 

New additions for July 2017

New additions for June 2017

New additions for May 2017

New additions for April 2017

New additions for January 2017

2016 New Resources

2015 New Resources

December 2015

Prior to 2015 the Library Newsletter published these lists.